Native American Institute of the Hudson River Valley

The Native American Institute of the Hudson River Valley is a voluntary organization associated with Native Americans, educators, students and interested community groups.  The purpose of the Institute is to promote awareness of the First Nations of American and particularly those Native Americans who lived in what is now New York State and the surrounding areas, with emphasis on the Northeastern Algonquian peoples.

The Institute will support and carry out research and educational activities promoting awareness of Native American culture and experience. The intention of the Institute and its members is to research and disseminate accurate information and historical fact concerning the European encounter with the First Nations and the history of these nations before and after that encounter.
The Institute is not a political entity, and will not engage in public controversy, nor support nor lend its name to any form of political activity or advocacy. Although it is possible that information or historical data developed by the Institute may be available to or used by an advocacy or political organization, this in no way implies and endorsement of a particular cause by the Native American Institute of the Hudson River Valley.

The Institute will remain true to its mission of doing research, providing education, increasing awareness, and discerning historical truth.

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